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Lavish Treatments

Our Most Relaxing Offerings

Basket of Bath Accessories
Back Massage

Hand and Foot Scrub

20 min, $40

Add to any massage to enhance your relaxation.

Helps to slough off dead skin cells that make your skin appear older. Since the skin is our largest organ of elimination, dead skin cells act as a barrier to both the removal of waste products and absorption of nutrients.
Sugar scrub is applied to feet followed by hot towel removal and massage. 

Lymphatic Massage +

 Dry Brushing

90 min, $110

Encourages the natural drainage of lymph by using light but specific strokes towards lymph nodes. Great for post surgery clients to reduce swelling. 
Increases circulation. The friction created by dry brushing brings superficial blood flow to the skin, creating a healthy glow. When working in the direction of lymph flow, it can also increase efficiency in the lymph system. This session allows time for 2 main body regions. 

Symphony of the Cells

15 min, $20

Enjoy one of 18 different essential oil treatments to affect the body in a positive way. 8-10 oils are dropped on the back and layered to affect change in the body within a few minutes.

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